Style Your Time with Armitron & Alice Marie

Good food, good conversations, and lots of goodies describes perfectly Sunday brunch with a great group of local Miami bloggers.  Last post I mentioned I would be recapping something cool, so here it goes.  Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of hosting a brunch in partnership with Armitron at Love is Blind Food & Wine in Coral Gables.  It was pouring rain outside, and the day was very gloomy, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some great food and talking Spring style.

My story with Armitron started about two years ago.  While posting on  I won a watch from Armitron in my favorite color way – black leather straps with gold details.  At the time, I never wore a watch, but I loved the lightness and classic style of the watch, and ever since, I’ve been wearing it.  My favorite part about this brand is that the watches are light, with classic, small faces, and cute details.  Armitron creates functional and stylish sports, dress, and outdoor adventure watches.  I love that a brand has kept classic styles in their watches and incorporated some great trends for Spring.  These watches can go just about anywhere with you and they have a long life-span.  Some of the Spring trends you will see in their watches are rose gold details in the watch faces, blush, tan, and white leather straps.  Some great styles for work-wear include mesh straps, light leather straps and mixed metals.  This season they did some larger simpler faces, but they are still very light, not too bulky and can be easily worn with accessories.

Sometimes, I wear my watch by itself, but most of the time I like to pair it with bangles or bracelets to show a little of myself.  I really wanted the girls to get that experience at the brunch.  I partnered with a local jewelry designer (Cloud Nine Boutique) to personalize some bracelets that could be paired with the watches and the girls got to choose from different charms for an additional piece. The girls fell in love with their pieces as I did.  When it comes to designing, the creativity really comes from my personal style and what I am currently inspired by.  When someone accessorizes an outfit it’s more a reflection of their personal style.  You can give 10 girls the same dress, but they will all accessorize it differently.  That’s the great thing about style, it’s very personal.

Photography By: Nikolas Roque @thephoto_game

Style Your Time with Armitron & Alice MarieStyle Your Time with Armitron & Alice Marie

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