The TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Hello All!  It’s Friday and I am eager to get this weekend started.  So much on my TO-DO list but I’m so excited to get started on all of it.  If any of you follow me on Snapchat (@shoequeen125), you know that I recently moved into a new apartment.  Last year, I decided I wanted to focus more on my designing and really put out some new pieces and great content for the blog.  That being said…in my new place I finally have my own space to design creatively and have my studio room to sew and really focus on designing.  However, I first must get organized and set everything up, so that is one thing I have on my TO-DO list.

Secondly, I have a very exciting collaboration with a brand that I love.  There will be lots more details on the blog next week.  I am hosting a small intimate brunch with some local influencers here in Miami, all of them very talented and super cool girls.  This weekend I will be prepping all the goodies for the brunch, so I will be busy working on that as well.  I’m so excited to also be collaborating with some local vendors, on some special goodies and I will have all those details on next week’s post so stay tuned!

One thing I have learned this week is that organization is key, and you need to prioritize what needs to be done.  What’s most important? What’s least important? Many of you don’t know but I also manage a health care facility full-time so my list can get long at times and days can be stressful.  Just yesterday, I found myself asking for help, it’s something that I hate doing, but luckily my team is so willing to always help even though their TO-DO lists are long as well.  Although I can’t do everything, I do like to remain busy and constantly active and doing.  At times, when I ask for help, it then feels like I will possibly not know how to fill that time with something else.  Moral of the story is… prioritize, organize and just begin.

The TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Photos by: Danielle Margherite Photography

Now, on to the important stuff…I am super happy with the response I got on last week’s piece.  Those red crepe pants are one of my favorites!!!This week’s piece is all about the dress! This dress was really a last-minute kind of dress and I can already see myself wearing it all through summer.  This style of this dress is a trapeze dress, but here I have it styled with a belt to cinch it up a bit for drama! Gotta have that drama.  My favorite part of this dress is the sleeves, I love a big poof sleeve and if you add a ruffle…I’m in.  I designed this dress to be cinched at the waist or to be worn loose with some gladiator sandals to the beach or for Summer Vacation.  My vision is wearing it with a straw hat and big sunnies for a relaxed look.  You will also be seeing a few more gingham pieces, because I’m obsessed with it right now.  I’m absolutely in love with this piece and I hope you will all be also!

Update:  Later this Summer I have plans to launch an Etsy shop so you will be able to access and purchase pieces a lot easier, but I am still doing custom orders for now so if you see a piece and you love it, just press the contact page in the menu and we can chat!

Happy Weekend All! ‘Til Next Time

The TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve DressThe TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve DressThe TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve DressThe TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve DressThe TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve DressThe TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve DressThe TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve DressThe TO-DO List + Gingham Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Gingham Ruffle Sleeve Dress: Custom Designs by Alice Marie

Red Tassel Earrings: HAUS 131 (similar here)   Black Leather Belt: Ann Taylor (similar here)   Metallic Mules: LOLA SHOETIQUE (rose gold here)

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