Morning Moments that can Make your Day

There is a quote that says: “Your day is defined by how you spend the first hours of your day”.  I find this statement to be very true.

My job can tend towards a more hectic environment. So, I like to begin my days on a lighter Zen note to attract a calmer day.  I’m a big believer that if you put positivity and light into the universe that’s what will come back.  When it comes to my mornings there is a few things that are very important to starting my day.  You must create the life you want live.


Mornings usually start for me around 6AM. First thing in the morning I open all the blinds on the windows to let in the natural light from the sunrise.  If I get a chance I’ll turn on the candles for a little while in all the rooms as well.  The sun light starts to creep in around 7AM and I love all the natural light.  It’s really calming.


In the first hour of my day I like to do something that will do my body good.  I like to alternate between a light 20-minute morning flow yoga session and a 15-minute mediation time.  Alternating between these two Monday -Friday and reserving the weekends for a nature walk around the gardens in our complex is best.  After this I just jump in the shower and get refreshed.  Stepping out of the shower to the sun shining bright through the living room.  It’s just a perfect start to the day.  Rain is common in Miami so occasionally, that change is nice as well.

Remember to be grateful for all aspects of nature.  They each serve a purpose and do the earth good, which in turn, does us some good.

Try: Yoga by Candace


After I get out of the shower I head to the kitchen and turn on the coffee pot and start brewing our favorite breakfast blend.  I like to brew a pot in the morning so I can have my coffee and so my husband can take some with him to work as well.  When my husband is traveling I will just use a pour over to make a single cup for myself.  While the coffee is brewing I like to use this time get ready for my day.  Side Note: If you’re looking for some cute coffee mugs you have to check out Rae Dunn, an artisan houseware brand with the cutest stuff for the home.

Favorite Brand: Folgers Breakfast Blend


Around this time, I usually switch on my TV to my favorite morning show which is ironically Morning Joe on MSNBC.  Keeping up with current events is important for me.  I found this morning show during the election last year and I haven’t stopped watching it since.  I usually let this play while I am getting ready.  What I like about this show is that I don’t really have to watch I can just listen and I still know what’s going on.


I’m a slow-mover in the mornings and I like to take my time.  After I am done getting ready I will take about 15 minutes to eat some breakfast & drink some coffee.  It’s important to get something in my stomach before I head to work.  Once I get to work it doesn’t stop.  This part of my day is important, so no matter how late I am I make sure this gets done.  Breakfast could be anything from a couple scrambled eggs & ham, oatmeal or if I’m rushed I’ll go for a pack of Belvita. I like to keep it simple.


Now that I read this, it appears there are lots of elements to my mornings.  However, they all flow so naturally into one another.  After all this I am ready to just get dressed and head to work.  My morning consists of 2 hours and I like to use them to create the vibe for the rest of my day.  Not every morning is perfect and sometimes I am running late or don’t have much energy so, as long as I get a few of my faves into my morning, It’s all good.  Sometimes it’s nice to change your routine.


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