Why Change is Good + The Little Brocade Dress

In order to move forward in life, change is required.  As you get older your beliefs and values change.  If you are like me, you find that your way of doing things, or handling situations changes as well.  It can be challenging at first, but change is mostly good in the end.  Change is a form of growth.  When you embrace change you get to see your world open up in ways you never imagined.  The key is to focus on the good, and when you commit to changing something in your life…or style…be consistent.

Embracing change, goes right along with my 2017 resolution of making bold choices.  When you decide to make a bold choice you have to embrace it and let it take time to set in.  I have to remind myself sometimes to be proud of my choices, although it may not be the popular route, it’s mine. Never second guess yourself.   I am learning new things about myself every day and finding my own way.  Most of what I find out about myself is both good and bad, and  I learn it through my work.  Whether it’s designing something challenging, or finding a solution to a problem, each experience teaches me something different.

Changes and challenges may come, but if you stay true to yourself, positive outcomes will follow.

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that is the one that is going to help you grow.” – Caroline Myss

The Little Brocade Dress

Photography: Danielle Margherite Photography

Dress: Custom Designs by Alice Marie (for order inquiry email alicemarieblog@gmail.com)

Corset Belt: New York & Co. (similar here)  Lace-Up Boots: Lola Shoetique (similar here)

The Little Brocade DressThe Little Brocade DressThe Little Brocade DressThe Little Brocade DressThe Little Brocade Dress

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